I fell in love with Italian Greyhounds more than 35 years ago. As time goes on, I become more passionate about them and am dedicated to maintaining the beauty, type, soundness, movement and temperament of this very special breed. They are like my children and I know Ian Allison feels the same - we choose to let our puppies go to people who only want an Italian Greyhound of the highest quality and will not settle for anything less.

Although Canta Libre Italian Greyhounds are now in 8 different countries throughout the world, I still get my greatest pleasure and satisfaction by providing exquisite pets as companions to lovers of the breed.

In the show ring, Canta Libre and Ravilais Italian Greyhounds have achieved highest honours which include multiple Best in Show awards and Toy Groups. But whether for the show ring or as a lifetime companion, all Canta Libre and Ravilais puppies are bred from top-winning champion dogs.
A very ancient breed, Italian Greyhounds are bred down naturally from the big greyhound and are seen in paintings on the pharaohs tombs in Egypt. They were taken back to Italy by Roman soldiers and so great was their popularity that they became known as the "Italian" Greyhound.
High-stepping and prancing like a little horse, they are extremely sweet natured, very affectionate, highly intelligent, loyal, full of fun and passionately devoted to their owners.
Over the years I have imported 13 dogs, mainly from America.

Italian Greyhounds do not thrive as kennel dogs - they need to live in close companionship with their owners in the house.

Ian Allison shows his own Ravilais Italian Greyhounds and has also kindly handled Canta Libre Italian Greyhounds. Over the years we have formed a close partnership.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all the famous Italian Greyhound Kennels in America who helped us create these lovely dogs - Laviere, Dasa, Karma, dei Carini and in recent times, Carol Harris of Bo-Bett, whom we can never thank enough for allowing Red, Kendal and Lucy to come to us.